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What is Friends Living?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Do you remember or have you ever heard of them: Monica, Rachel, Joey and Chandler from the 1990s sitcom “Friends”? They were way ahead of their time when it comes to living as friends because living as friends is popular in the big cities today, but what is it really?

Friends the series

So the series revolves around a group of friends who are all in their twenties.In the beginning of the series you have Rachel and Monica;two best friends who decide to move in together after they both become single.On the other side of the hall live two men who share a house;Joey and Chandler.Joey is pursuing a career as an actor and Chandler is making his way up the corporate ladder.Random people in their twenties who are busy with their careers, but still want to have a lot of fun.

Image: Friends apartment Floorplan from the Friends series

Friends The Cohesion

The principle of now almost 30 years later is not that much different than in the Friends series. The basics are the same; namely 2 friends who share a home in a building where other friends also share a home and together form a community. Just like in the series, they are people in their twenties and thirties who are at the start of a career and are looking for affordability, fun and flexibility. Rockfield developed the first Friends homes in 2019 in Rotterdam Katendrecht and the following year in Amsterdam Osdorp.And now this year Highnote in Almere.

Image: The Cohesion Highnote Friends apartment. (There are several Friends types)

Friends live something for you?

So there are not many differences with Friends living in the nineties and now. A big difference is that more comfort has now been considered if a home is specifically intended for sharing, for example by connecting a bathroom to each bedroom..In that case it is nice if you have your own bathroom.Is Friends living something for you at The Cohesion Highnote? Then sign up quickly!

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