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Looking for an apartment under The ROOF of The Cohesion HIGHnote Almere

ROOFZ is the online rental platform to find your dream apartment or studio. Current operators listed on ROOFZ are The Cohesion and StuNest. ROOFZ displays the most up-to-date availability of rental apartments in your desired city throughout the Netherlands.

ROOFZ displays the availability of all our properties - Whether you look for a place with a balcony, a compact studio, a student apartment with a co-living community, events, sports, or drinks which are held at the roof garden or cowork at The Cohesion HIGHnote. But if you cannot find an apartment at The Cohesion Almere at the moment you can always search for an apartment at a different property of ours with the same coliving concept!

Search profile

With the search profile function, you can register a search profile and you will get a personalized update when an apartment is published within you. In your search profile, you can select a specific location, for example, if you’re looking for an apartment at The Cohesion HIGHnote you select Almere as the location and you will get notifications when an apartment becomes available at The Cohesion HIGHnote.

When your preferred studio/apartment is available you will receive an automatic notification and you can immediately start your application process. (button “Register a search profile here!”).

*The Cohesion HIGHNote is currently fully rented out!

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