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Looking for a place to live with a fellow student/BFF/sister/brother/niece/workout buddy or are you looking for a FRIEND? The Cohesion HIGHnote is the place to be! The FRIEND appartments have several rooms with private bathrooms, making it easy to share. Sharing is caring! You will have to share the kitchen and living room, but you will have your own room and bathroom for privacy.

Interested in a "Friend appartment"?

Advantages of living in a "FRIEND flat":

Own bedroom (with your own key)

Own bathroom

Shared living room/kitchen

Shared balcony

Always a FRIEND nearby based on your own profie

Benefits of matching through The Cohesion:
Based on personality

Special matching programme

Common areas:


Unique roof terrace


Shared costs in terms of:


Service costs

Utilities costs



Follow the short guide down below ''How to add your friend to your registered profile''

Are you still looking for a FRIEND to share?
To find your perfect roommate, we use a special programme where you get valuable knowledge about their personalities and values. You can also share profiles with each other to better understand each other and form a stronger bond.


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