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In The Cohesion HighNote, 3 different apartment types will be realized, the surface of the homes  varying from 45 to 106m2.

Type S (46 tot 54 m²)

Type S is divided into 30 studios and 10 one-bedroom apartments. They have an area of 46 to 54 m². Type S homes at The Cohesion Highnote are medium-priced rental homes and are extremely suitable for young singles, but also for young couples who want to take their first step in living together.


Type M (61 tot 70 m²)

In total there are 51 Type M apartments, 8 of which are medium-priced rental properties and the rest are free sector. These houses have an area of 61 to 70 m² and all have 2 bedrooms. Due to their design, these homes are ideally suited for sharing.

Type F (67 tot 106 m²)

Type F are 2 bedroom Friends homes and have an area of 67 to 106 m². in total there are 66 Type F homes, all of which have two spacious equivalent bedrooms with a private bathroom. These homes have been specially developed for home sharers.

Type S Highnote
Friends woning Highnote
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