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Welcome: The Cohesion HighNote Almere

We are realizing the HIGHnote project in the center of Almere: an iconic building with 157 apartments, including 66 Friends homes, a plinth with shared facilities and commercial spaces, a catering facility and various semi-public outdoor spaces. The official start of construction was on June 7 and now, more than half a year later, the footprint of the building has already become clearly visible and it is growing in height.

What is special about this project is that the chosen method of construction immediately makes the appearance of the building visible. Where a more traditional form of building often works from the inside out and the facade cladding is applied later, this is exactly the other way around with HIGHnote. The facade of HIGHnote is constructed almost entirely from prefab elements. After the elements have been completed, the aluminum frames and the glass are placed in the elements. The elements are then brought to the construction site in Almere, where a large part of the elements can be mounted almost immediately.

Did you know that there are several coliving apartments in the offer, for example this studio with fully finished kitchen, floor, and bathroom. To give you an impression of the studios in HighNote, we have added a small impression below.

The Cohesion

Ambition, Health, Social, Sustainable

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