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The Balconies of Highnote

We are realizing the HIGHnote project in the center of Almere: an iconic building with 157 apartments, including 66 Friends homes, a plinth with shared facilities and commercial spaces, a catering facility and various semi-public outdoor for as still planned for Q3 2023!

Current status of the project:

The inner walls are placed from the 1st floor, so that the layout in the building is starting to take shape. The first offset in the facade can be seen on the 4th floor, which is also realized on the 8th and 13th floors. The balconies have been installed up to the 5th floor, which are also colour-coordinated with the window frames and the concrete facade elements that we are now working on on the 5th floor.

Visit Rockfield Real Estate:

At the beginning of this month, the Rockfield Real Estate finance team took a look at the construction site to see the current state of affairs with their own eyes.

Did you know;

There are several coliving apartments in the offer, for example this apartment with two bedrooms, balcony, fully finished kitchen, floor, and bathroom. To give you an impression of the apartments in HighNote, we have added a small impression below. Later this year we will announce more about the total number of apartment types, rental prices and the registration process.

The Cohesion

Ambition, Health, Social, Sustainable

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