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  • Where is Highnote located?
    Highnote will be located in Almere Centrum next to the town hall of Almere, along Landrostdreef
  • What kind of homes are there?
    At Highnote there will be various types of rental homes. There are mid-priced rental homes, private sector homes and Friends homes.
  • What is The Cohesion?
    The Cohesion is a coliving operator. In the future, they will become the daily point of contact within the community and ensure that diot becomes the nicest place in Almere.
  • What does HIGHnote have to offer?
    At HIGHnote you will soon find 157 apartments in the center of Almere, a stone's throw from shops, restaurants, sports and culture. There will also be a roof garden where you can relax and play Jeux de bouls with your neighbors. On the ground floor there are communal facilities and commercial tenants.
  • For who is HIGHnote?
    HIGHnote is for anyone who is ready to build a community with other like-minded people. At HIGHnote you will soon be able to live, eat, drink, relax and meet. You can even work from home if you want. We go for diversity of Almeerders, not Almeerders, Expats, Students, working people. In short, a mix of people who together form a community
  • Do I qualify?
    There are a number of criteria that you must meet in order to be allocated a home at HIGHnote. As soon as the rental starts, you will have to provide a number of documents so that we can screen you. Check out the criteria on this page. In addition, you must determine for yourself whether the rental prices of HIGHnote fit your budget. Do you want to know which rental suits your situation? Then look here
  • How big are the apartments?
    There will be studios of approximately 40m2 and 2-bedroom apartments of an average of 70m2. Do you want to know what the houses will look like? Take a quick look here
  • Do I have to arrange the internet and TV contracts myself?
    Yes, you must arrange the internet and TV yourself with the relevant internet/TV supplier (Ziggo, KPN, etc.)
  • I have registered, when will I hear something?
    We will screen your registration and documentation. After this you will receive feedback or confirmation of approval of your registration. After that, the homes will be allocated from around May 15. We try to take your preferences into account as much as possible. We receive a lot of registrations, we may still have to screen you, so the fact that you have not yet been allocated a home does not necessarily mean that there is no home for you anymore. In the event that there are several approved registrations for one property, the allocation will be random. The availability can be seen in the home selector.
  • Measures to prevent housing discrimination:
    Our employees who do the selection and screening are trained on the basis of the housing discrimination campaign 'Wijs discriminiatie de deur'. Once a year, employees receive training on housing discrimination. This means that no distinction is made based on: Religion Faith Political affiliation Race Gender Nationality Sexual orientation Marital status Disability or chronic illness
  • What is a Friends apartment?
    A Friends house is an apartment that has two master bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. You then share the kitchen and living room with a roommate. This way everyone has enough space for their own space, but there is also enough space for joint fun.
  • Who can I share a home with?
    You can share a Friends home with anyone you want. This could be your best friend, but could also be a friend you don't know very well yet. You can share something with a family member, for example sister or brother, cousin or nephew. In short, you can share a home with whoever you want.
  • I am employed. What do I have to submit?
    For people in paid employment We need a copy ID. This can be a Dutch identity card (note: we need the front and back) or it can be a valid passport (Make a safe copy with this App); Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Do you want to know why it is important to handle your ID data securely? then read continue here A copy of your last pay slip; Your bank statement showing your salary deposit, including your name and full IBAN; (We use this IBAN to collect the monthly hours when you become a tenant) An employer statement with company stamp (not older than 3 months). Download here a blank form to be completed by your employer. Are you starting a new job? Then ask for a pro-forma payslip or upload your letter of acceptance from your new employer!
  • I am an entrepreneur, what do I have to provide?
    We will need you to upload an ID. That could be a Dutch ID Card (note: upload front and back!) or it could be a valid passport (Make a safe copy with this App) If applicable a valid residence permit, work permit or EU Passport Prove of registration via Chamber of Commerce Proof of actual demonstrable assignments Financial year statement or tax return Freelancers and Independent Contractors will be required to arrange a positive ‘credit check’ through Graydon in order to apply. Please upload the report
  • I want to register with a guarantee, how does this work?
    To sign up with a guarantor, you will need a guarantor form (incl. a copy of guarantor ID) and guarantor's most recent pay slip, you can find the form here.
  • I am a student, which documents do I need to provide?
    We will need you to upload an ID. That could be a Dutch ID Card (note: upload front and back!) or it could be a valid passport (Make a safe copy with this App) Proof of enrollment with University Valid residence permit, work permit or EU Passport A copy of your latest payslip Your bank statement with a salary deposit incl. your name and full bank account number An employer’s statement with company stamp (not older than 3 months). This is not a copy of your employment contract In case of a guarantor a Parental guarantee 
  • I have not yet completed all my documents, what now?
    If you don't have all your documents ready yet, it is best to complete your application only when you have collected all the required documents. If you complete your application without all the correct documents, we cannot approve your application.
  • How do I pay the rent?
    We debit your rent from your account around the 28th of each month. You always pay one month in advance. A direct debit is mandatory and is also stated on the rental contract.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, a deposit gives the landlord certainty that he will not be left with unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy. Or with costs for repairing damage to the home caused by the tenant. Because the landlord is allowed to compensate unpaid rent or damage caused by you with (part of) the deposit. At The Cohesion Highnote, the deposit is 2x the basic rent. Would you rather keep money in your pocket and have the guarantee arranged via a monthly amount? This is possible via SAVEON. Click herefor more info.
  • Am I eligible for housing benefit?
    Whether you qualify for a housing benefit depends entirely on your own situation. Everything you need to know about rent subsidy can be read on the website of the tax authorities at this link
  • How can I apply for an apartment?
    Create a profile and create your own housing file via this link the next steps will follow shortly, but at least you are already registered
  • When does my rental agreement start?
    HIGHnote is still under construction. The expected delivery is scheduled for October/November 2023. We now assume that the rental will start in these months.
  • How high are the rents?
    The exact prices will follow, but the rents start from 650 euros per Friend at a Friends house and can vary depending on the type of house.
  • What are service costs and for which (and how much) service costs do I pay as a tenant?
    Service costs are costs that come on top of the basic rent of a property. For example, for cleaning, utilities related to the common areas, work of the house management (community manager), and administration costs (5%). For example, we take care of the heating, electricity, water, TV/internet (signal supply), furnishing, painting, cleaning, and glass washing of the communal areas so that our tenants can make optimal use of them. Moreover, the flats are delivered with fire-safe curtains, you can use the BringMe box to have your ordered packages delivered should you not be at home and a maintenance plan is included (concerns minor repairs, these can be found per attachment in your tenant portal). In terms of security, we ensure that there are fire extinguishers, 24-hour service contracts for various installations & security cameras in/around the property. In addition, the ventilation systems are cleaned/maintained, we take care of greenery e.g., roof garden, and pest control if required. Finally, the non-residential service costs, include costs for small events/activities organized by The Cohesion, such as community drinks, organized sports activities, or creative workshops. Apartments on the 1st to 3rd floor cannot do window washing by themselves (twice a year), which is why it is compulsory in the total service costs for house numbers 211 to 279, which amount to €130. Glass washing is not included for the other apartments, therefore the service costs for these residences amount to €115, -. Service costs settlement Each tenant pays service costs in advance on a monthly basis. After each calendar year, we will prepare a service cost settlement based on the actual cost incurred and your monthly advances. The service costs consist of different components and services which will be reflected in your annual statement. Each year, you will receive your service costs settlement for the last year before 01-07 in the next year.-.
  • What kind of renting contracts do we offer?
    We offer a contract of 5 years if you are between the ages of 18 and 28, if you are older than 28 we offer a contract of 2 years.
  • Can I rent a storage room, parking space / motorcycle space?
    We do not have storage rooms or parking spaces for rent, residents of Highnote can park their car in the nearby Regiseursgarage (address: Regiseursstraat 7). Residents can take out a subscription for this themselves (for their own account). There is sufficient parking capacity in this nearby public parking garage. These subscriptions are possible but not mandatory (depending on the needs of residents). The current rates for residents' permits can be found here.
  • What's in the house?
    The apartments are move-in ready. This means that your home already has floor covering (PVC), walls that have already been painted and fire-resistant curtains. You pay a small amount for this upholstery, which is included in the service costs. In addition, you already have a kitchen with all the equipment you need and a complete bathroom. In short, pack your bags, arrange your own furniture and move on! That is living at The Cohesion. reference project: The Cohesion Don Bosco
  • What's in the kitchen?
    The fully equipped kitchen contains a fridge with freezer compartment, ceramic hob, combi oven/microwave and a dishwasher.
  • How is the utility arranged?
    HIGHnote is connected to the district heating of the municipality of Almere. This is provided by Vattenfal. You will have to conclude a contract with Vattenfall yourself. If you have moved, you can arrange this directly with them. The same goes for water. This is supplied by Vitens. We would appreciate electricity if you opt for a sustainable provider. The Cohesion recommends SAMENOM for this.
  • Is there a bicycle shed?
    Yes, there is a bicycle shed in the building that you can use.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Pets are allowed if they do not cause a nuisance. Any damage caused by the pet or additional cleaning required at check out will be charged.
  • Can you come and view the house?
    It is not possible to view the homes in The Cohesion HIGHnote, but you can view photos and a 3D tour of all types of homes.
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